Chris Coffey Executive/Leadership Coach
Master Coach
For 30+ years, Chris has been in the leadership development world. He has worked with and coached hundreds of key leaders and successful people develop leadership to become even more effective.

Chris's coaching style is direct and well-defined around the Goldsmith Coaching Process he co-developed with Frank Wagner and Marshall Goldsmith. Chris has coached leaders in Fortune 100, 500, 1000 companies, as well as in start ups and not for profits. The common denominator for all the individuals Chris works with is, they are all successful, high-potential leaders whose organizations want to accelerate their development by having them work closely with a seasoned, leadership coach. 

Chris has coached individuals with very diverse backgrounds, educations, belief sets, and cultures (organizational and philosophical): lawyers, doctors, scientists, educators, MBA, accountants, finance, from division presidents to key individual contributors. 
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Marshall Goldsmith's endorsement of Chris Coffey:
"My partner, Chris Coffey, helps individuals and teams achieve and sustain outstanding results. In addition, he is clearly one of the world's best keynote speakers and trainers in the area of coaching, leadership development, and teamwork. He provides a rare combination of being entertaining and dynamic while providing advice and stories from his extensive coaching experience that is both practical and applicable. He is a person that I trust to lead the training process for our behavioral coaches!" 

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Chris brings his own distinctive common-sense approach to designing and conducting workshops in leadership, team-building, coaching, and Employee engagement.

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Contact Information: 
Phone: (310) 452-3340 | Cell: (310) 650-2438

One to One Results	recent coaching engagements

Gerard  Iman | SVP IT 

“Another insight I have gotten from this is that I cannot be visible enough whether it be with the business, my peers, or my staff.  The more visible I am the easier things seem to go.  Also by using some of the communication skills I learned from my coach, Chris Coffey. I can deescalate situations more quickly to allow better rational discussion to get things resolved. I have worked hard to create an environment where people feel safe to express differing opinions and make suggestions.”  - Gerard Iman mini survey and AAR

Jeff Breen | SVP Sales 

“Changing my own behavior is not easy, especially when my day fills up with meetings and I’m playing catch up but the coaching plan has become part of my thought process DNA and I know I’ll carry with me. The coaching has been invaluable.  Thanks Chris and thanks to everyone who pushed me to do this.”  - Jeff Breen mini survey and AAR

Jerry Rossy | General Manager   

“Although when I first started this program I had a negative attitude, at the present time, I realize that thanks to the firm and Chris’ coaching I was saved from a possible career setback and overall found the experience to be rewarding in many ways: a happier life, stronger relationships (both internallyand externally), better negotiating skills and more. I am committed to continue with this program’s concepts and values because I believe in it and I’ve seen the positive results for me and the firm.” - Jerry Rosy mini survey and AAR

Joan Beck | Regional VP 

“I appreciated Chris’s insights and reminders.  Often when I was frustrated and overwhelmed with the noise and attacks by some, Chris simplified the process of next steps and how we can achieve the most positive result.  He reminded me often to get clarity and to really be clear myself.  His validation of the process and the resulting changes I felt in me and my management was most beneficial and rewarding.” - Joan Beck's mini survey and AAR

Kerry Peters | VP

“Chris was available when needed and on short notice, to help review specific situations and analyze how I performed or ways to improve throughout the last six months. He offered strong guidance on tough situations and provided honest feedback.” - Kerry Peters mini survey and AAR

Tom Lee | SVP Engineer

“Throughout this coaching process, Chris and I kept our weekly communication when we discuss the daily check list as well as other topics I encountered during this process.”  - Tom Lee mini survey and AAR

Jack Clarkson | CFO

"Consistently working my plan has helped me be more conscious of my behavior and the behavior of other people.  The daily worksheet that Chris and I created keeps me focused.

I need to make more opportunities to follow up with people and ask if they have noticed a difference. In the past, this felt awkward to me and a little too “staged”.  Now, I have informed stakeholders to expect that I will do this, so I feel a little more at ease asking.

 Stakeholders do notice hard work and appreciate it.  I felt good that people acknowledged it and also understand they are looking for more. Chris’s ability to keep me focused. In addition, he  help me think issues through, be able to see the big picture and articulate it effectively.  Thanks Chris"  - Jack Clarkson's mini survey and AAR

Active Work Locations

    United States of America, Los Angles
    United States of America, NY, New York City


Marshall Goldsmith Group

Job Title / Position

Executive/Leadership Coach

Contact Address

185 Pier Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405


310 650 2438





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