Frequently asked questions

- What Is The Uniqueness of This Coach Training Program?

Marshall Goldsmith's Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach is well known for its transparency and effectiveness.  This is achieved by involving stakeholders and measuring growth in a particular leadership behavior.

Here are the top 4 benefits you earn from our program:

  1. Guaranteed and measurable results in leadership growth
  2. Delivering on clients’ needs
  3. trusted executive coaching brand
  4. Privileged access to the worldwide coach community

- Do Experienced Coaches Register for This Program?

Yes! Most of our workshop participants are experienced coaches.
Marshall's certified coaches demonstrated that getting certified from us is immensely beneficial for their coaching businesses for the reasons below:

  • Marshall's approach is easily combined with other coaching approaches.
  • The Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach brings measurable leadership growth, leading to engagements with high-quality clients.
  • Affiliating with the world’s No.1 executive coaching brand helps to promote to global clients.

- What Can I Get with Certification?

In addition to becoming a certified executive coach and receiving 15 ICF CCEUs, you get premium membership to the world’s largest executive coaching network with nearly unlimited collaboration opportunities.  Your access includes free usage of marketing and branding collateral, a personalized coach profile on our website, and first-choice of front-row seats to ongoing learning opportunities throughout your coaching career.  The best part: your lifetime certification comes with lifetime support.

Marshall Goldsmith's Process

  • Lifetime Coach Certifications
  • Coaching Process for 1-on-1 & TEAMS
  • Measurable Results with Clear ROI
  • Transparency from a Trusted Brand

Business Development Tools

  • Fully-loaded Coaching Dashboard
  • Marshall Goldsmith Branding Tools
  • Leadership 360 Assessment Instruments
  • Exclusive Access to Leadership Resources

Community Support

  • 24/7 Coaching Support for Life
  • Dedicated Coach Development Team
  • Invitation to Online Coach Community
  • Exclusive Access to Special Coaching Events

- Whom Can I Coach?

By getting certified with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching process, you are licensed to carry out 1-on-1 executive coaching as well as TEAM coaching.  Our certified coaches take their skills to the next level by coaching high performance executives and corporate teams to enhance leadership growth and team effectiveness.

- Who Are My Peers in This Program?

  • Executive Coaches
  • Leadership Consultants
  • HR Professionals
  • Leaders Transitioning into Coaching

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