Cristian Hofmann is the inspiring Consultant and Executive Coach for 'Empowering Excellence'. He boosts esteem in leadership. As a sparring partner and influencer, he enables top executives and leadership teams to be even more successful. With guaranteed proof of leadership effectiveness. He works process-oriented and solution-focused and brings clarity, inspiration and innovation. The result: Maximum efficacy for yourself and in the corporate culture.
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Professional Experience

 • Executive Leadership positions and management experience: 10 years in international blue-chip organisations
• Head of HR Development and Manager Learning & Development: 10 years
• Project Management and Organisational Consulting: 15 years
• Professional Coaching: 15 years
• Workshop Facilitation and Training: 1000 days

Qualifications & Accreditations

 • MAS Supervision & Coaching in Organisations (ZFH/IAP)
• Federal Diploma in Business Information Technology
• IT Project Manager, Federal Certificate
• Commercial Bank Apprenticeship

♣ Stakeholder Centred Coaching Marshall Goldsmith (Associate Executive Coach)
♣ Coach BSO / Supervisor BSO (Swiss Professional Association for Coaching, Supervision and Organisational Consultants)
♣ SCOAP Coach Advanced (Scientific Psychological Framework: Neuroleadership)
♣ Dip. Mental Coach / Mental Trainer 
♣ Organisation (Organiser Certificate SGO)
♣ GLA - Global Leader Assessment (360° Leadership Assessment) 
♣ HOGAN Assessments Certified Authorized Reseller
♣ PROSCI Change Management Certification
♣ RMP Certified Reiss Motivation Profile® 


I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Cristian Hofmann in Zurich. Over the course of our 3-day Leadership Summit with a group of senior executives from companies in Zurich and Germany I was highly impressed with Cris in how he led high-level discussions, offering his unique and creative insights with great personality and presence. He has the unique ability to build an immediate bond with people because he exudes trust, rapport and credibility. He then strengthens the bond by delivering well above expectations. When I think of Cris I think of an ultimate Coaching Professional with a high level of maturity and presence. He embodies the elements of great character, strong values, gratitude, humility and dynamic personality. I feel most honored and privileged to call Cris a true friend and colleague. 


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