Frank has been a full time consultant in the field of leadership since 1981. Frank's consulting career began when he joined the staff part time at The Center For Leadership Studies with Paul Hersey in the late 1970's.
He then became a partner and director at Keilty, Goldsmith & Boone. Besides co-founding Prism Ltd in 1986, Frank currently serves as a Director with GEO Strategic Services Inc., an organization focused on helping organizations with strategic action in FastTime. In leadership development Frank's training specialty is leadership behavior; with an emphasis on commitment, teamwork, influence across organizational boundaries, coaching, and faster strategic planning and execution. His training designs all revolve around a specific leadership model supported by exercises and tools to apply the concepts learned.

As a behavioral coach, Frank brings a broad base of experience working with individuals from mid-level management through C-level positions. First with the Alliance for Strategic Leadership (A4SL), then with Marshall Goldsmith Partners, Frank oversaw the training process in Marshall Goldsmith's method of behavioral coaching.

In this capacity, he has overall responsibility for the training all coaches in the Marshall Goldsmith Partners network. Now Frank is a partner in The Marshall Goldsmith Group and co-founder of Stakeholder-Centered Coaching with Chris Coffey, Marshall Goldsmith and Willy Linssen after Marshall Goldsmith asked him to lead the coaching practice based on his methods. He also serves as a coach & facilitator for Global Leadership Associates. 

Professional Experience

 For Profit:Apple Computer, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Cisco, Darden, Dun & Bradstreet, the FBI, General Foods, Hawaiian Airlines, IDS Financial Services (after acquisition by American Express), IBM; Intel, KPMG, Lawrence Livermore, Sandia National Laboratories, Microsoft, National Semiconductor, NationsBank (now B of A), Reebok International, Sequent Computer (now part of IBM), Tektronix, Toyota Financial, Warner Lambert, Wells Fargo Bank and, the UCLA Technical Management Program. Besides his work with large companies Frank has enjoyed working with a number of smaller emerging companies. These include 3D Systems, Jive Software; Keen Footwear, Network Associates, Rhythm & Hues Studios, Rodan & Fields, and Twist Bioscience.

Not for Profit: The EastWest Institute, American Red Cross, Canadian Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross,Red Crescent Societies, UNDP Bureau of Conflict Prevention and Recovery, UNICEF, The Nature Conservancy, Volunteers of America, The US Army, and The MEECO Institute 

Qualifications & Accreditations

 Frank has a Ph.D. and an MBA from The Anderson School of Management, UCLA where he also served as a Post Doctoral Scholar.His undergraduate degree is in Economics from Santa Clara University, 


John Mroz, the founder and CEO of The EastWest Institute is one person who has had both Marshall Goldsmith and Frank Wagner as his coach. This is what he wrote about Frank:

Please provide a few examples of the type of practices and assignments Frank has assigned you in support of your coaching program
There are so many to choose from. The two I most deeply valued:

Example 1:
Frank encouraged me to make all of my direct reports (later extended to include a key player who was not a direct report but interacted directly with me a lot and was highly valued among all our staff) my associate coaches and to check in with them monthly regarding a critical behavioral change that I promised to make. Frank worked with me when problems/frustrations arose (and they did). The most notable issue was simply that a couple of my colleagues (including the non direct report) simply could not see that I was changing. Frank advised me to review several specific behavioral changes that others had told me they observed, asking whether they noticed any change. Time after time, the difficult one would say, "Well yes, I noticed that too and I guess it represents a change". After a while, the light bulb(s) went off. The process worked impressively well. I would never have had the patience and skill set to deal with two of my colleagues if it were not for Frank's helping me understand how to work with their type of personality. Once I got it, things went very well. Today the entire staff is buying into that same behavioral change, making it an organization-wide culture change.

Example 2:
There was a rather serious eruption between two senior executives here which had to do with cultural background, style and personality. They preferred stinging emails sometimes copying other staff. I turned to Frank to help me learn how best to coach them. Frank provided invaluable advice on how I could set a framework by which they would resolve their differences while stopping the approach of a stinging email culture from taking root (several mid-career people had quickly picked it up!). It worked supremely well and quickly. I was amazed at how Frank had seen everything before and had formulas and approaches for dealing with whatever came up. His coaching was a huge practical help to me on tough real issues that I had never confronted before as much as it was on general leadership and behavioral change issues.

Please briefly describe a typical coaching session with Frank from your perspective (ex: types of questions rather than actual questions/content)

Frank has a remarkably calming yet persistent way of dealing with me. He is an impeccable listener and picks up nuances and like an elephant, doesn't forget a thing. His Socratic style and references to generic cases where something similar happened helped me master behavioral change not just get through a problem. I appreciated that so much. Frank would always have suggestions for approaches then work with me while I figured out what was best for the people involved, the institution and myself. Frank also would talk about leadership principles with specific case studies and stories which made abstractions real to me.

Please list the attributes you appreciate in Frank as a coach that have helped you feel comfortable working with him:

Impeccable integrity, ability to listen and empathy top the list. He truly is a coach. I have become a better manager and leader as a result of what I have learned about myself and others from Frank. Moreover, my direct reports want to work with Frank. I get asked more often than one might believe, "how would Frank help you through this". I also appreciated the fact that he was always available in a pinch. I would get a tough email and send it to Frank and say could we discuss how I best respond to this? He would be there in hours by phone or email. It is such a blessing to me. I have had coaches previously but none like Frank.

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