After 25 years of dealing with workplace disputes as legal counsel, I no longer practice law. Instead, I work with organization leaders on how they can create fully engaged work environments--where employees come to work every day committed to, accountable for and aligned with what the organization needs to thrive--and where they feel fortunate to be part of the team. 

Professional Experience

 •	Currently, President of the Organization Development Network of Oregon
•	 Previously served as President/Board Chair of two non-profit organizations, and as Chief Administrative Officer of one.
•	Founded and managed a law firm, and served as an Office Managing Shareholder and Director of Employee Engagement Solutions of a large international law firm.
•	25 years’ experience representing employers dealing with employee relations challenges.
•	Since the 1990s, coached, advised and conducted leadership development programs on how to develop and maintain fully engaged work environments.
•	Training in DiSC methodology

Qualifications & Accreditations

 Internationally published author, including: 

Managing To Stay Out Of Court: How To Avoid The 8 Deadly Sins Of Mismanagement: “Marvelous! Every manager will benefit immensely.” Stephen R. Covey

The Star Profile: A Management Tool To Unleash Employee Potential, Gold Medal Winner at Book Expo America 2009.

Hard-Won Wisdom: True Stories From The Management Trenches: "If you want a front-row seat to observe workplace behavior in all its intricacy and variety, read this insightful book. Jathan Janove’s long experience in employment law, executive coaching and management make for some compelling stories. Not only that, the specific, actionable advice he provides is sure to help anyone who wants to avoid career-derailing conflict.” Marshall Goldsmith 


“What is most unique about Jathan is that he takes the time to understand your organization’s current condition and delivers training that enables leaders to make those immediate, positive, daily behavioral changes that are so vital to a company’s success.” Tim Hollkamp, Toyota Industrial Equipment Mfg.

"The results were spectacular. Jathan’s simple but clever techniques are very effective ways to get others to buy into your positions. Essentially, he improved my ability to peacefully persuade which is an invaluable skill in a boardroom full of doctors. Post Jathan, we are absolutely more effective as a leadership team.” Marcus Ceraso, US Anesthesia Partners

"I have worked with Jathan many times over my management career. He has a unique approach and incredible success at helping managers and supervisors be much better at their jobs. He certainly made a positive difference in my organization by building a strong unified management team that fully supported me. My management team was also much better in managing their staff for performance and accountability and they managed consistently over department lines in lock step with each other. I was gratified that they all had my back as well as each other." Catherine Burns, Gastronomy

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