My clients experience what it is like to spread their wings and fly. 

Leadership is challenging, especially for women in the male-dominated industries I often work in. 
Finding the right balance between strength and compassion can feel like walking a tightrope. 

It is possible for women to be recognized as accomplished leaders, seen as having executive presence and capable of leading the organization. Sometimes, it takes some convincing for women to see their own leadership strengths. 

I help women leaders unfold their leadership wings so that they reach higher in their careers with confidence. 

Professional Experience

 Lyn Cikara is an executive coach with more than 15 years of experience working with men and women leaders in trucking, automotive, accounting and IT industries.

Her background of 20 years in occupational therapy and teaching at College and Universities gives her a unique set of skills. Occupational therapy is a practical science, rooted in work analysis of physical, emotional and mental barriers to success. These translate into Lyn's powerful grasp of leadership development and executive coaching.

Lyn graduated from CoachU in 2001 and immediately started coaching senior leaders in a Fortune 500 company. To date she has coached over 100 leaders in this company and continues to provide executive and Stakeholder Centered coaching for senior leaders in this company. This experience has given her a solid foundation on which she has built her leadership coaching, broadening into other industries, typically with predominant male leadership. 

Lyn's mission is to help women reach higher in leadership. She uses her opportunities when coaching men and women to create pathways for this to happen.


Qualifications & Accreditations

 Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach
B.Sc Occupational Therapy


"Lyn brings a unique and invaluable perspective to each coaching assignment, having worked with high performers within our company for more than a decade.  Many of these high performers have gone on to positions of significant responsibility, which validates the company's investment in the individual and Lyn's successful approach to coaching."  -MK VP Fortune 500 Company

I would describe Lyn as someone who is; encouraging, uplifting, influential, inspiring, loving and caring. In short, Lyn is an amazing person who has found unique ways to help me become a more effective leader and a better person – (husband, father, sibling, son, and friend). M.H, CEO Harrisburg, PA

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