I have worked all over the world for over 20 years with most of the time spent in the Gulf and Asia. I bring an \'east-west\' business experience and perspective to the talent and leadership development & performance fields through providing Executive Coaching and Leadership training and facilitation to an array of leaders in various leading organisations and multinationals such as the World Bank Group, Standard Chartered Bank, Google and the Dubai Government.

Previously I founded and ran an award-winning Greater China executive search firm and prior to this I had been a regional Finance Director with Coats plc (then a UK FTSE100 company). I have also held senior level positions with various other multinational organisations including Dalgety plc, Macquarie Bank, Hays plc, Harvey Nash plc and Adecco SA.

I am the author of various business books including “Managing Teams in a Week” and “50 Secrets of Work Success”.  I am also member of Harvard Business Review’s Advisory Council and  I am certified in various psychometric instruments (including Hogan and MBTI).

Professional Experience

 Three areas of Executive Coaching Specialism:
1.Helping a leader to strengthen and improve their leadership and management skills set. Such skills or competencies might relate to issues such as communication, presentational style, setting a vision and strategic direction, decision-making, dealing with more complexity, delegation, managing high performing teams, giving feedback and setting goals etc.
2.Helping a leader to take on and succeed in a more senior role and to succeed with the new stakeholders, expectations, work challenges and complexity while ensuring that they gain needed respect, buy-in and support.
3.Helping a leader through some kind of transition and to help equip them with the necessary skills and competencies. Transitions might include taking on more responsibility, taking up a new role, moving to a new geographic location, balancing work with a new family, working in a new culture, working with a new boss or with a newly acquired team.

Coaching Experience:

I work with large groups across all industries and sectors typically helping those in senior positions as well as helping emerging leaders. Here a few examples of my recent coaching clients (“coachees”) include:
◦Various leaders, working with a Washington DC headquartered global inter-governmental body, located across MENA and South Asia – helping them as they relocate to their new roles from DC or as they are being promoted locally and needing to take on more complexity and stakeholder interaction;
◦A Middle-East based Country CEO of a leading UK Bank, who had been promoted from a CFO to a CEO role as well as moving from Asia to the Gulf;
◦Dubai-based regional executive with world leader in internet search. This leader was taking up a regional role covering North Africa and Levant;
◦Abu Dhabi-based Country Manager of a UK listed industrial group who was relocating out of the UK for the first time and needed to manage in the region a multi-cultural team;
◦The regional S.E Asia CEO of a leading French Multinational who was asked to manage diverse businesses across eight countries;
◦Regional Director of a German Bank covering Asia region whose only previous Asia experience was a China role;

Executive Coaching Style:
•Following the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered coaching model - goals and process driven coaching style, using all available information (360° feedback at the start and finish, assessment results, performance appraisals, company’s values & competencies etc.) and extensively involving stakeholders in the process;
•Individual-centric approach believing that the coachee has the untapped abilities, skills and mindset needed within them (ref. Inner Game of Work by Tim Gallwey & Myles Downey)
•Systematic approach using the GROW model style of process promoted by Marshall Goldsmith, incorporating the 9 Masteries (from the IAC).
•Flexible in how coaching takes place, but strongly believe face-to-face sessions are key, at least initially, particularly when coaching those in the Middle East and Asia.
•Am challenging but am enjoyable to be coached by, and am sensitive to a person’s changing work issues and personal growth path – with progress not always being linear.
•Provide articles, information and mentoring guidance when appropriate.

Additional Experience:
•I understand the global business world, being a qualified accountant, former finance director and managing director with multinationals. After being brought up in the UK, educated at Cambridge, I worked all over the world for 25 years and is now based in the UAE.
•“Been there, done that” – having worked with multinationals and built up P&L businesses, I understand the challenges facing leaders in the corporate world. As well as being able to empathize and appreciate coachees’ challenges, I am also able to mentor when appropriate.
•Cultural & Global Diversity - I have successfully worked with organisations and coachees from all parts of the world. Having lived in over 10 countries and also having a mixed family background allows me to easily work with a global mind-set. I am British but am also very multinational as I am married to a Malaysian, and I had Burmese Chinese, Pakistani, Belgian and English grandparents.

Qualifications & Accreditations

Coaching Related:
•Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach
•Founding Fellow of the Institute of Coaching Professional Association (ICPA), a Harvard Medical School affiliate
•Certified Practitioner status with, and UAE Chapter President, of the International Association of Coaching (USA)
•Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (\"EMCC\") and of the Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (Singapore)
•Certified Psychometric Assessor (US) – Accredited in various tools incl MBTI,  Hogan and Harrison Assessment
•Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK)

•Cambridge University (UK). BA (Hons) & MA (Hons) Degrees in Economics
•Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK)
•Strathclyde University (UK). In-House Business Diploma organized by Coats plc


Various written testimonials are available including from leaders at various global multinationals and organisations. 

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