I come with 30+ years of professional experience dealing with PEOPLE. In my last assignment, I was working as Senior Director HR for South Asia with Sanofi, reputed Pharma MNC. I am currently practising as an Executive Coach and independent Corporate Advisor at Mumbai.
I have undertaken Assessment and Coaching Assignments within Group Sanofi. I was an accredited Assessment Facilitators for Global Talent pool. I was regularly invited to participate as a Coach and co-facilitator for the Global program for High Potential managers. I have co-conducted several programs in US, Europe and Asia-pacific regions.
In my corporate role, I have successfully handled several M & A related challenging HR Integration projects starting with due diligence to rolling out integrated business.

Professional Experience

 Some of the Coaching assignments undertaken are:

•	COO undergoing professional stress manifesting on results and the relations with direct reports, Gap in commitment and delivery and tend to do more operational thinking than strategic thinking.
•	High potential senior executive moving from India to Egypt as a Country Director and needed transition coaching
•	High potential young Executive (10years Experience) from reputed MNC was moved as head the Business Unit as a part of his development and future career move. Coached him to prepare for a future role with increased complexity.
•	Indian origin senior R & D Executive transferred to India on two years project with a view to calling him back to the US with higher responsibility. He was high on introversion and lack of executive presence. Coached him to gain on both the counts. He has successfully returned to the US with higher responsibility.
•	Expat Executive (British) who took over as MD of a US MNC operating in India having Matrix organization. All BU heads were operating in isolation not giving cognizance to new MD. He approached me through a common friend for coaching assignment.
•	Executive risen from ranks and working as CFO. Unable to relate to peers in terms of guiding on financial matters. Highly power centric functioning. MD of the organization engaged me to intervene as a coach to provide right perspectives to CFO in discharging his role.
•	Undertaken ongoing project with one of the leading Bank to have coaching conversations with a large pool of their AVPs and DVPs helping them to prepare them for next level.
Similarly, there are several other assignments where high potential managers are coached where we work towards identifying the goals and as a coach, I facilitate in preparing development agenda for effective role performance for Coachee.

Qualifications & Accreditations

 Member of International Coach Federation since 2014
I am Gallup Certified Strength Coach (2014)

Certified in Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder  Centered  Coaching (MGSCC)

I am Certified C-IQ Coach - WBSEC run course on Conversation Intelligence.

I have also undergone WBSEC course on C-ROI, Return on Investment from Coaching.

I was accredited Executive Coach at Sanofi for Global High potential Executives.  


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