“Leadership is not just a function. It is a mindset supporting behaviors that lead to continuous collaborative development of individuals and teams alike. Leadership should be ingrained in every person delivering professional services.”

Sjoerd is the founder of Trainnovation, an innovative leadership training and coaching firm in the Netherlands, and author of two books on leadership, Lead Between the Lines and The Whole Brain Leader.
By linking his creative thinking preferences to his logical and critical thinking capabilities,  he has developed the perfect blend for applying Whole Brain Thinking in a variety of business processes. 
Sjoerd has a passion for lifelong learning and a broad hands on experience in a variety of industries.  

Professional Experience

 Before starting his training and coaching company back in 2011, Sjoerd developed his leadership and coaching skills in a variety of industries. 

After a sea going career (ships engineer), he stepped into the corporate world as a technical commercial coworker at ABB in the Netherlands. Here he developed his corporate skills in an international environment.

In 2003, Sjoerd graduated as an MBA at Webster University. This sparked his interest to further develop his leadership knowledge and skills. This development is still ongoing.

In the management positions Sjoerd worked in, he picked up training and coaching as vehicles to keep the leadership pipeline filled. This passion for leadership training and coaching led to the founding of his company Trainnovation. 

Becoming a Certified Executive and Team coach at Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching was a logical next step in his coaching career.
With his knowledge of, and skills in, the (industrial) corporate world, Sjoerd could be your go to coach for leadership growth. 

Qualifications & Accreditations

 Bachelor of Science in Ships Engineering
Master in Business Administration

Certified International NBI® Practitioner @ Solutionsfinding (thinking preferences) 

Certified Executive Coach @ Marshall Goldsmith
Certified Team Coach @ Marshall Goldsmith
Global Leadership Assessment Professional @ Marshall Goldsmith

Author of:
- Lead Between the Lines (2014)
- The Whole Brain Leader (2015, co-authorship with Ingvar Jónsson)


Sjoerd had been a valuable support during a coaching routine I’ve been part of. He is a true listener, dedicated, solution driven, easy going and adapts both his theory as well as his creativity in order to contribute to different cases. It’s been a pleasure working with Sjoerd!

- Jessy Houtman, Senior Manager Brand Activation Reebok.

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