Facilitating measurable learning in Leaders & Coaches thro'​ Coaching, Coach Training and Mentoring

If you want to Lead , I can support you in Aligning your core Purpose, Actions and Behaviours.   

With over two decades of corporate & LD experience involving organisational change projects having been working on engagements with senior executives across continents. 

I coach executives who are facing change or wish to bring-in change and thus need external support in the form of a Coach. 
I also work with executives and organisations to enhance workplace Coaching competencies of Leaders. 

Professional Experience

 Global Business, Citibank NA 1994-2004
Training and L&D NIIT 2006-2012
Independent Coaching Practice 2012 onwards
Founder, PEER Coaching In 2013 onwards  

Qualifications & Accreditations

Certified Coach by MGSCC; TED Coach
Mentor Coach for Coach training ICF Credentialing process 

Certified Coach Supervisor by Damian Goldvarg Consulting

Diploma in Training & development from ISTD
Instructional Design certification 
APC from CLI, Canada


Sukh is a very careful listener and she stood by my side unconditionally. That felt good. She also had the connection between our sessions, she helped me link subjects that apparently had no connection, that helped

her style is gentle and is very comfortable !

her coaching helped me accept that I need a certain time do to things, and that i may be ok with that. I let go of some guilt, regarding my own personal organization. In this coaching, I was able to be fully myself, and I found motivation into putting intentions into actions.
I enjoyed our moments together and was looking forward to my coaching sessions. I recommend Sukh as a coach, not only for reaching objectives, but also for growing in depth.

” I discovered that my theme for 2014 which is my year of “calm” clashed with one of my top three core values of productivity. This was a big insight for me that happened after a coaching session with Sukh”… a client executive balancing work and motherhood

“I chose for each session a real issue that was generating stress in my life. Sukh helped me to understand where they were coming from and we worked on finding solutions. Every time, our discussion had a great impact on how I experienced my life, she helped me to respond in alignment with my values”……a coaching client in transition

“Efficiency and excellence are my values. As I am in the early stages of running a business, a lot of things are new and unresolved. By having Sukh as my coach I dealt with each of them honoring my value to efficiency and excellence. I was able to move from drained and anxious to be focused and motivated”…..a client executive in transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.

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