Global Leadership Assessment Certifcation

You are now officially a Certified Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) ProfessionalThis means that you are licensed to carry out high-quality and high-impact leadership assessment services to leaders at every level of industry.

To download your certificate, check your email and follow the prompt to confirm the name you'd like printed on your certificate.

As a GLA360 practitioner, you now have access to an unlimited supply of self-assessments.  This means that you can use our digital survey platform to conduct the self-survey function of the Global Leadership Assessment as many times as you please.  Use this assessment to familiarize yourself with the platform and gain practical experience in assessing reports.

You have also unlocked the full e-learning course.  This means you can now review the course module at any given time, in any order you wish.  This is a great asset to deepen your understanding of the theory or to brush up your knowledge of any topic you would like to revisit.

To deliver full, 360-degree assessments as a service offering to your clients, we have different plans available.  Scroll down for more information.

We look forward to working with you as we measurably improve the global leaders of the future together.

Life is good.