Congratulations on becoming a premium GLA user.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, I have more good news for you...

In February we will launch a brand new platform for launching the GLA.  But enough about us.  What does that mean for YOU?

  1. You get full access to your very own coach portal
  2. You can launch all assessments from your own computer
  3. You have the power of full-control of the assessment process

I have so much to share and you will have so much to receive, but let us look now at how to launch your first assessment, today.

It is actually quite easy.  You will download a rater list below and then fill out as much of the yellow-highlighted section as you like.  Then send it back. 

We will then launch your assessment within 3 business days and provide you with regular status updates on the healthy progress of your project.

Just 3 steps...easy enough, right?  Let’s get started...

STEP 1 - Download the rater list here: MGSCC - Global Leadership Assessment - Rater List

STEP 2 – Read the instructions carefully and fill out the rater list.

STEP 3 – Send it back to us:

...and you are done.  You will hear back from us once it is launched and will receive weekly status updates along the way.

I will personally reach out to you when the new platform is ready in February.

May I make 1 personal request?  I would greatly appreciate if you were to write a short testimonial about your experience going through the learning.  You can send it to with the subject TESTIMONIAL.  This will go to me, to Marshall, and to the entire Global Leadership Assessment team.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Warm Regards,
Will Linssen
Master Coach & Practice Leader