Congratulations on preparing to launch you first Global Leadership Assessment

Here is how to do it...

The process is simple - just 3 easy steps.  Just download the file below, and fill out the 5 yellow-highlighted fields.  Here is a snapshot of the fields you will fill out:

Rater List - Self Assessment example

Just 3 steps...easy enough, right?  Let's get started...

STEP 1 – Download the file here: MGSCC - Global Leadership Assessment - Rater List - Self Assessment

STEP 2 – Fill out the 5 yellow-highlighted fields

STEP 3 – Send to us at:

...and you are done.  You will hear back from us once it is launched (within 7 business days).

Keep in mind that the self assessment is just the start.  You are fully equipped to deliver high-quality 360 assessments to leaders at every level of industry.  All you have to do is get started.

To unlock unlimited raters, automated reminders, and up to 10 assessments per month, become a premium member:

For now, get excited about participating in your first Global Leadership Assessment and connect with us on LinkedIn: 

Warm Regards,
Will Linssen
Master Coach & Practice Leader