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Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Product Update

Product update: the GLOF is undergoing a massive upgrade. The name is changing from Global Leader of the Future (GLOF) 360 Assessment to Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360).  

Here's what else you should know:


Assessments are expensive, and though we worked hard to keep costs down, the unit cost for purchasing one assessment was USD 275 per leader. That means that if you were working with 3 leaders, your costs would be USD 825.  

We felt this number was much too high for the coach to shoulder, so here is what we did: 

We released a brand new platform that enables coaches to do assessments for just USD 10 per assessment. Yes. You read that correctly.  

From 275 down to just 10.  

Here are the new ways to use the GLOF: Option 1: USD 275 per assessment Option 2: USD 30 per month to run 3 assessments per month* Option 3: USD 70 per month to run 10 assessments per month* *billed annually  

Access this here: NEW PRICING

We aim to provide coaches with the world’s highest-quality coaching tools. Making them more affordable and easy-to-use is another realization of this goal.  


The GLOF learnings have gone through an incredible positive transformation.  

All the delivery is updated – all videos reshot, visuals added, content added, resources and tools added. Most importantly, you can access this new ecosystem using your current GLOF login for free.  

In the past the learnings were relatively static with updates happening once per year. Now we have the capability to add new content continuously.  

This will include: 

  • Additional sample reports for practice  
  • Debrief demonstration videos  
  • Tips and techniques on winning over new clients
  • And much more…  

In true Marshall Goldsmith style, he has extended his generosity and would like to offer all the Global Leadership learnings 100% free. That means you can revisit the entire workshop 24/7 from your computer or mobile.

 Exciting, isn’t it?  

Access this here: UPDATED LEARNINGS

This is a new era for the organization and for coaches – therefore, we begin a new breed of Stakeholder Centered Leaders – together.  

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