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8 Steps to a More Effective Team

As an executive coach, you may be asked to coach teams or to support leaders in coaching their teams to help organizations achieve greater effectiveness and success within group settings. To give you a preview of how team coaching works, today we’re outlining our 8-step coaching process for building successful teams. Much like one-on-one coaching,…

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How to Boost Employee Engagement

Employee engagement returns to the agenda of HR departments and executives on a frequent basis. After all, happy and engaged employees are more productive. Organizations spend millions of dollars to measure the engagement level of their staff and develop programs to improve their scores, but oftentimes they face disappointment when their efforts don’t bear fruit.…

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Six Questions to Ask Every Direct Report

After discussing the barriers to effective coaching at the executive level, we want to dive into six simple questions that every direct report should be asked throughout the year.  This process has worked consistently well for top performing executives and produced a measurable change in their effectiveness as leaders and as coaches. For this process…

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Three Reasons Why Executives Won’t Coach

A common complaint from direct reports is that their bosses do not provide sufficient coaching. There are valid reasons for this considering how expensive a leader’s time is and how time-strapped they are to meet business objectives. However, what most reports don’t realize is that there are workarounds to this issue that bring success and…

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The Dark Side of Adding Too Much Value

Top executives are intelligent, successful people. However, being smart comes with its own set of challenges. The more we achieve, the more we want to “be right” all the time. No matter if an issue is important, trivial, or even not worth the effort, we want to voice our opinion and come out on top.…

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