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Adding Too Much Value

  It’s difficult for leaders to listen to others disclose information without communicating either that they already knew about it or that they know a better way. The problem is, while they may have improved the idea by 5%, they’ve reduced the employee’s commitment to executing it by 50%, because they’ve taken away that person’s…

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How coaching fits in the 10-20-70 model

Want to learn to coach like Marshall Goldsmith?  Want to create meaningful change that is both measurable and guaranteed with executives?  Get in touch with us at the form on the bottom of this page.

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Ask This One Question Before Solving Any Problem

  When you are in the business of coaching, you can’t help but identify the changes and adjustments that could make life better.  As powerful as this strength is, it can also lead to frustration and burn out. Use this simple but profound question to help you manage your time and effort to stay laser-focused…

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Save Time by Asking 1 Simple Question

Executive coach Marshall Goldsmith describes a smart strategy to lighten your workload. Watch the video to save time and increase your happiness. “Our mission in life is to make a positive difference.” – Peter Drucker

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